Plastic pole manufacturing

VictoPlast is a social enterprise that aims at engaging youth and women groups in Kisumu Kenya in collecting, sorting and making of plastic alternative to wooden poles. Because there is a serious solid waste management problem in most African cities, the company has a business concept that is capable solving the plastic waste menace in Kisumu, Kenya.

Besides solving the plastic wastes problem, VictoPlast also makes a valuable contribution to save Kenyan forests from depletion due to human pressure to harvest wood for fencing and building. The company will also do the following: stimulate and mentor entrepreneurship in youth and women groups to provide equal opportunities to skilled/semi-skilled unemployed in Kisumu, Kenya, and liaise with other organizations for rehabilitation of street children among others.

In order to achieve these goals, VitoPlast will establish a plastic pole manufacturing plant in Kisumu, Kenya. VitoPlast strives to attach social, environmental and economic value on plastic wastes. (Text and photo from

Waste in Kisumu, Kenya  (from VictoPlast website)

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